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Everyday 11 am to 5 pm

Near Surajkund, Delhi NCR

Day Visit Only

When a former mining quarry came into the healing hands of Revathi & Vasanth Kamath, its destiny changed forever. The barren site, ravaged by deep digging for Quartzite and Badarpur, was perfect for the design experiments the pair was to carry out.

Hence began the construction of The Kamath House. In 1996, the concept of sustainable living was unheard of. In times to come, the house was to stand testimony to how far ahead of their times Revathi & Vasanth were. The implementation of their beliefs in sustainability began right from the start. Mud, Stones, Wood, everything that was used in construction came from the campus itself.

In no time, the arid land started responding to Revathi’s healing touch and started to sprout life. Soon the entire area was teeming with Peepal, Neem, Lemon and many other native trees. The birds returned to build their homes and sing songs of joy. Many other living creatures big & small came back to reclaim their space & play their part in the ecosystem. The peacocks can still be found rejoicing with happiness by breaking into a dance now & then.

Greenery at Van Bhoj
Mud House construction

Little did the couple know that they were not just creating a home but a legacy to be cherished by future generations. Every element is an outcome of a process that has gone through immense consideration. For example, the mud floor across the house is the result of deep foresight. Mud is a material that is readily available, easy to use, cooling, daily maintenance-free, gives a very rustic vibe and looks beautiful.

The entire house is designed to harness the energy of the Sun, from the first rays to the last. Large glass windows let in ample sunlight and offer a generous view of the lush green canopies spread throughout the estate.

The house tries to follow maximum principles of sustainable living. Right from the vernacular construction to waste water treatment and reuse. The house is a living & breathing lesson in how to live in perfect harmony with Nature.

As you stroll around the house, you might notice the blue figurine in exultation kept near a window and wonder at the sudden appearance of colour in an otherwise earthy-toned space. At first glance, it might look like just another artifact. But as the sun rises and sends in its rays to light up the little corner, you realize that the figurine is actually exulting in celebration of the warm rays bathing its cold body. Each of the carefully kept artifacts have a reason for being where they are. One cannot help but be in awe of the depth of thought process that has gone into crafting the space out of nothing.

Ecoplore is the curator for Van Bhoj, and
it is now open for day visits!

Ecoplore is proud to bring you Van Bhoj, it’s flagship experiential
eco-home that is much more than a beautiful place to visit and admire. The beloved house of Revathi and Vasanth Kamath is a legacy to be preserved and nurtured. A visit to this temple of sustainability is a visit back in time, when worshiping Nature was part of our great Indian culture. Everything flows in perfect rhythm with its surroundings and every little human-made element blends effortlessly with Nature. Van Bhoj is an ideal place to experience sustainable living. It has rainwater harvesting, wastewater treatment, solar cooker, composting and all other sustainable elements.
Come and visit this paradise within Delhi NCR.

Day Visits Only  11am – 5pm

Surajkund, Faridabad, Delhi NCR

Monday – Sunday  INR 2999/ adult

What’s included in your visit?​

Personalised guided tour of the Mud House

Himalayan Herbal drinks & Lunch

Nature walk, Forest bathing, Birding

For bookings, contact prernaprasad@ecoplore.com or call 9811971407

Van Bhoj is a Temple of Sustainability as it possesses special powers to be the center point of all sustainable leaders across the world. Despite being located in Delhi NCR, it is a paradise with several peacocks, hundreds of monkeys, squirrels, woodpeckers, parrots, eagles, porcupines living on its premises. Its an example of animal-human co-existence and most importantly it’s a symbol of resilience that despite climate change and all other climate related issues, things can be corrected if we decide to return to our age old practices.

That’s why, every guest who enters Van Bhoj ends with the line

“I miss my Nana-Nani’s home after seeing this place.”

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