Why Us

Ecoplore is a new term coined by its Founder, Prerna Prasad, dedicated to ‘eco-friendly explorers.’


A collection of non-concrete hotels

Ecoplore promotes only eco-stays. A hotel needs to fulfil the following two criteria to come in the category of eco-stay.

At least 1/3rd of the campus of the hotel should be covered by trees. Major construction of the hotel should be non-concrete i.e. it could be made of mud, wood, bamboo, stone or any other local material but not brick and cement.

The experience of living in a mud, wood, stone or bamboo house is out of the box.

A complete eco-friendly holiday at an exotic location

Our eco-stays are located near waterfalls, beside rivers, inside forests or on mountains, far away from noise, crowd and pollution of the cities... you name it and we have it. You can dig your fingers at the local authentic cuisine and that too made from farm-fresh ingredients. Most of our stays grow their own vegetables, fruits and herbs. Trekking, forest walk, water surfing, rock climbing, swings, facility to pluck fresh fruits, all this is available within the campus of the eco-stay or in its vicinity. In short, our eco-stays are a holiday destination in itself. We have eco-stays to suit the needs of all— from college going youth to family vacations to corporate off sites to adventure tourists and solo travellers.
Conserve nature while on a holiday
If you choose a concrete hotel, then you are contributing to the construction of more such concrete hotels. But, if you choose an eco-stay, you will be encouraging more people to conserve nature. Eco-stays add to the greenery as they plant more trees and their construction is environment friendly. So, just by making a judicious choice, you can save the planet for your children.

Local at its heart
By opting for offbeat eco-stays, you will be able to contribute to the development of local economy and at the same time experience local food, culture, traditions and festivals.

Pool of Eco-Experts
Our panel of experts provides guidance on converting a non-eco-friendly hotel into an eco-stay. We also help in building a new eco-stay from scratch.
We personally visit and verify every stay
Ecoplore is the only aggregator platform which personally visits and verifies every eco-stay before bringing it to you. A solo woman traveller from our team personally visits and verifies every eco-stay. This is done to ensure safety and encourage more ‘solo woman travel’ in India.

Women-owned and women managed company
Ecoplore aims to empower women by providing them employment and exposure. We are a women driven company.
The significance of Eco-stays for our Green future
All the popular tourist spots like Shimla, Manali, Munnar, Ooty etc are now full of concrete hotels. They have lost their serenity. Travellers no longer want to visit them and are looking for offbeat destinations.
If the offbeat locations like Chamba, Nag Tibba are developed in a similar fashion, then they will also lose their beauty in next 5 or 10 years. But, for instance, if Chamba has one eco-stay and five concrete hotels and people are visiting eco-stay more than all the 5 concrete hotels, then any new player in the industry who wants to set up a hotel in Chamba will preferably build an eco-stay.
But, all this is going to happen only when you choose eco-stays over ordinary hotels.