Ecobnb: Our Competitor becomes our 1st Partner

While doing extensive research for ?ecoplore.com, I came across a website called ecobnb.com which was almost similar to the vision of Ecoplore.

Ecobnb is an Italy based website, supported by European Union that promotes and books eco-friendly accommodations.

As I scanned through the webpages of ecobnb, the pictures of the green hotels seemed tempting. I wish to visit them someday. I think anyone and everyone would get enticed by those lovely pictures.

So ecobnb.com is the closest existing website that represents the dream of ecoplore.com. When I first saw ecobnb.com almost, after a year after conceptualising Ecoplore, I was surprised to see how someone else was doing exactly the same thing that we are trying to do.

Hence, we mentioned ecobnb.com as our competitor in all our presentations and other documentation.

During my visit to Auroville in Tamil Nadu, India, I met a South American guy named ‘Ernesto’. As, we shared each other’s dreams, I mentioned ‘Ecobnb’ in our conversation. Ernesto suggested me to write to ecobnb.com. At that time, I did not take it seriously and thought why would Ecobnb reply to me.

When I reached Delhi, one day I was almost getting bored and was thinking what more to do for ecoplore and I remembered Ernesto’s suggestion. So, I wrote to an email id mentioned on Ecobnb’s website. As expected, there was no reply.

But, almost after one and half months, when I was in the Himalayas travelling to verify the eco-stays, I got a mail from Ecobnb. The mail immediately brought a smile on my face and I was thrilled. It said,

Hi Prerna,

Sorry I write you so late, but I had to run back and forth to Italy and Europe... I promise I'll be faster from now on.

I read your CV and your .ppt as well. I love it!

Thank you so much for sharing.

I see you are considering ecobnb your only direct "competitor". I actually have 12 years experience working mainly online and in the last 4 years I worked mainly on Ecobnb. So, what I would like to say is that I know very well what's feasible and what high risk in what we are doing.

Actually, I would love to expand the idea to India (we have one listing so far, the Govardhan Ecovillage... great people there).

I saw you are very skilled in the offline work, such as visiting places, writing, being social. I also understand you would like to expand your own network online. So I'm curious to hear from you. How do you think we could work together?


And, Simone is the founder of ecobnb.com. The journey has began and now there is no end to it as both Ecobnb and Ecoplore aim to promote eco friendly accommodations and save our planet Earth from further destruction.

Hope more people and organisations join us in this mission. If interested, write to

Simone, Founder (Ecobnb): info@ecobnb.com

Prerna, Founder (Ecoplore): prernaprasad@ecoplore.com