Jim Corbett: Mud House beside a River

The moment one enters this mud house located beside a river, one receives the gentle touch of nature. More than 50% area of the campus has been kept green, solar panels are accompanied with a non concrete structure fortified with rain water harvesting and complemented with tasty organic food. Our guest Shabana Siddiqui who recently visited this eco-stay said, "I chose Ecoplore with hesitation but it was a golden experience for me. Nature was actually near me. Mud house located beside a river with lanterns in the night. Food was very tasty, even my children loved it. When we came back after 3 days, we all were glowing."

The guest and her family not only enjoyed the natural stay but was very much contented with the aura of natural beauty accompanied with the simple, authentic natural food, even the fresh fruit can be plucked during the fruit season like sweet and juicy mangoes and mulberries. Living in the mud house wrapped with a feeling of living in a jungle near mountains is an exciting opportunity where you gratify yourself with peace and serenity. The ecosystem is well managed by the native villagers professionally trained to make sure that the real essence of village is not lost.

The entire ambience is such that the guests can spend their holiday tension free. The journey begins with a number of unpaid activities. Apart from trekking to high mountains under the supervision of professionally trained guides who ensure the safety of the guest, Ladder climbing and river crossing are designed to inculcate a journey of excitement and adventure.

In the evening, camp fire is arranged to pamper the guests. After a long day of relaxation and adventure, the guests sit back around the bon fire sharing their memories with each other and bringing an sense of closeness and brotherhood. Ecoplore has always received a positive word of mouth from its customers. The service a customer receives is equivalent and sometimes more than what they expect. Nishand Venugopal, a wildlife photographer who was Ecoplore’s first guest loved the Jim Corbett mud house so much that within 4 months, he chose to visit another destination verified by Ecoplore. This is his feedback,“I thank Ecoplore for giving me the platform to view beautiful birds and animals. The properties where I stayed had everything to meet your comfort. By promoting the eco-friendly accommodations, Ecoplore is making an attempt to make the people aware about conservation.”

In this rat race and everyday hustle and bustle, Ecoplore is a medium through which can one get connected to nature.

Be it any season, you have a reason to choose Ecoplore.

Once given a chance you will never regret it but always cherish it.

Each trip at Ecoplore helps you to return your share to the nature by adapting eco friendly measures that might have slipped your mind in this rat race.

This was the first eco-stay visited by Ecoplore’s Founder Prerna Prasad even before sowing the seed of Ecoplore.