Thank you for choosing to ‘Go Green’ by opting for an eco-friendly holiday by Ecoplore. To celebrate your Green holiday with us, we have come up with ‘The Ecoplore Holiday Challenge’. It is a very simple yet gratifying activity for you and your family/friends. All you have to do is to adopt eco-friendly measures during your stay at our eco-stay.

Be a frontrunner in coming up with your own creative environmental solutions! But don’t forget to share your ideas with us which we can use to inspire other Eco-explorers.

On winning this challenge you will get an exclusive gift from Ecoplore along with a certificate of appreciation for caring for our mother nature and guaranteeing a greener environment for the generations to come. The evaluation of this Ecoplore Holiday Challenge will be done by the managers of the eco-stays. Most of the environment friendly measures can be implemented in daily life and with small efforts, we can save the nature for future.

Here are some easy ways by which you can make a difference to the planet!

By planting more trees

By choosing steel/earthen plates over disposable or plastic plates

By making manure from food and organic waste

By car-pooling, using public transport, non-polluting vehicles and bicycle