'What is Ecoplore?'

What is Ecoplore?

All of us love to go on holidays. It is important for us to get away from the hectic city life to rejuvenate ourselves. On a holiday you would normally stay at a hotel, have breakfast, hire a taxi and go for sightseeing at a tourist destination full of other travellers. Those two days of hard earned leave, you had taken to relax and have some peace also goes waste into crowd, noise and pollution, this time not in your city but at the tourist destination. Ecoplore comes with a breathe of fresh air….
All the eco-stays provided by Ecoplore are located in exotic locations. They are a bit far from the main town of the tourist destination. There is no crowd, no pollution and of course no honking cars. You are provided with all the three meals, morning and evening tea and snacks and a lot of activities. These activities could be trekking, water surfing, river crossing, ladder climbing, mountain biking, rappelling, rock climbing and many others depending on the location.
There are less adventurous activities too for the elderly and the children like swings, playing in the pond or mud pool, bathing in the small serene waterfall, listening to live music of the birds, reading a book on travel from the library, playing volleyball, cycling, camp fire and many more.
The food provided is fresh, sourced from farms within the eco-stay or nearby village. It is mostly local traditional cuisine, so you get to taste something different.

And not to forget, you are experiencing life in a bamboo, mud, tree or stone house or a houseboat. The architecture is very different from the normal city buildings. These traditional houses are very eco-friendly and weather adjustable. Many of them remain cool in summers and hot in winters.

Above all, by choosing a green holiday, you are giving back to the nature. By choosing eco-friendly house, food and activities over destructive concrete hotels and their services, you will be doing a great contribution towards saving Mother nature.

The entire idea and vision of setting up of Ecoplore is to promote eco-stays over concrete hotels. All the popular tourist spots like Shimla, Manali, Munnar, Ooty etc are now full of concrete hotels. They have lost their serenity. People no longer want to visit them and are looking for offbeat experiences. If the offbeat locations like Chamba, Nag Tibba are developed in a similar fashion, then they will also lose their beauty in next 5 or 10 years. But, for instance if Chamba has one eco-stay and five concrete hotels and people are visiting eco-stays more than all the 5 concrete hotels, then any new player in the industry who want to set up a new hotel in Chamba will preferably set up an eco-stay. But, all this is going to happen only when you choose eco-stay over ordinary hotels.

How an Eco-Stay is going to ensure environment conservation? Ecoplore emphasises on two major things by which they differentiate between an eco-stay and a concrete hotel.

  • At least 33% area of the campus of the eco-stay should be green (tree cover)
  • Major building construction should not be concrete. It could be mud, stone, wood etc.

Then, there are lot of other criteria like rainwater harvesting, own electricity generation, home-grown vegetables, composting etc. The more of these criteria an accommodation fulfils, they are better than others. We cannot completely stop the destruction which is happening at the offbeat destinations. But, by building more eco-stays instead of concrete hotels, we can surely reduce the destruction. If the stays maintain the minimum tree cover of 33%, it will reduce the felling of trees and also motivate people to plant more trees. Ecoplore is an all-woman company and a solo woman traveller personally visits every accommodation to verify whether they are eco-friendly or not. In this way, we are also assuring women safety and women empowernment.