Ecoplore offers an assorted collection of non-concrete hotels for eco-friendly holiday at exotic locations. Ecoplore is the brainchild of Prerna Prasad, a prolific writer, journalist, activist, environmentalist and a dreamer who was deeply affected by the rising concern of climate change and global warming. Through this initiative we are doing our bit to restore the vitality of Mother Earth. We aim to increase the demand for eco-tourism as a means to prevent ecological destruction caused by mindless human activities. We do so by acting as a bridge between Eco-stays and Eco-travellers.

Ecoplore is an aggregator platform for eco-hotels. We promote only those eco-stays that have at least 33% green area and are made of non-concrete building material such as mud, stone, wood or any locally available material. Driven by a team passionate about environment conservation, Ecoplore unearths unconventional hotels that meet our Green Criteria. The claims of each eco-stay are verified through personal visits and strict observation by solo woman travellers to ensure safety and universal accessibility. We also take this opportunity to encourage more ‘solo woman travel’ across India.

Ecoplore is proud to be the Country Head for eco-stays in India and South East Asia for “Ecobnb”, an Italy based company that promotes eco friendly accommodations in Europe. Living up to our commitment to protect the environment, we have a pool of experts who assist in building up a new eco-stay or convert a non eco-friendly place into an eco-stay. Getting recognition from the WEE Foundation, IIT Delhi and IIM Calcutta Innovation Park has not only added a feather in our cap but also strengthened our efforts to transform India.

Meet The Team

Prerna Prasad

Prerna Prasad, the Founder & CEO of Ecoplore has been bitten by the travel bug. She believes that change can come only when ordinary people are involved into it and our Mother Earth will be healed, when we start making judicious choices like that of opting for an eco-friendly holiday.

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Prerana Joshi

Prerana Joshi takes care of Graphic Design and Digital Marketing. She loves to stay connected with nature and that is why she took the initiative of being a part of a good cause like Ecoplore. Prerana is very sincere at her work and comes out with great results.

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Khushbu Agarwal

Khushbu Agarwal is a great weaver with the words, pictures and videos. She is our Content Creator & the Social Media Queen. She is a happy mother who loves playing with her kid and at the same time is trying to save the planet by making people conscious.

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The Net Linker

Sudhir Bhardwaj, Founder of Net Linker along with his team Neeraj, Nikhil and Anil have played a crucial role, by designing and developing Ecoplore’s website. Despite several rounds of modifications, the designers have shown patience and their effort has paid off. The best thing about them is that they are open to ideas.

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Ecoplore is a social enterprise towards saving environment and we needed people’s contributions. So, here is a list of those who supported us by being the foundation stone for Ecoplore. We express our deep love and gratitude to each one of them.

Pari Saikia  

Gurpreet Singh  

Anushri Saxena