Jim Corbett : Tiger & You

This is not a resort or a hotel. This is a stay surrounded by natural forest and frequently visited by the big cats. They have 650 species of birds in their area. The stay has all modern amenities and comforts.

There is an interesting story behind this place. The land on which the stay is built has a water body where tigers, leopards and elephants come to drink water. The villagers used to send the wildlife away because there was a threat to their livestock. The owner of the stay bought the entire hill and allowed the forest and wildlife to grow naturally. He has built this small eco-stay in less than 5% of the total area. If you want a date with nature, this is the perfect place to be!

How to reach

It is 275 kilometres away from Delhi.

Nearest airport: (International): Delhi

(Domestic): Pantnagar, Uttarakhand

Nearest railway station: Ramnagar, Uttarakhand

Nearest bus stop: Ramnagar, Uttarakhand

A jeep can come to pick you up from Ramnagar railway station or bus stop. There are extra charges for the pick up and drop.

Buy local produce/ handicraft: Corbett hats, local jams and fruits


Rs 4025 per person including all meals and one trek with a naturalist

Cost includes: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea/coffee & snacks + all the activities mentioned below.

Unpaid activities
  • Trekking with a naturalist
  • Bird watching
  • Guided nature walks into the forest
  • Great place for bird photography
  • If you are lucky, you can spot the giants
  • Campfire
  • Read and Relax
Paid activities
  • Wildlife Safari in Jim Corbett National Park


  Wifi   At least 33% campus is green
  Hot water   Major construction is non concrete
  Parking   Use of power saving devices like LED bulbs
  Homegrown vegetables   Own electricity generation (Solar panels, wind mills etc)
  Facility to pluck and eat fresh fruits   No polythene zone
  Home made milk. cheese, butter   Organic farming
  Local cuisine   Segregate waste before disposing
  Showcase of local art, culture, folk dance, music   Compost of food and organic waste
  Availability of local handicraft   Rainwater harvesting
    Employment of local people
    Encourage employment of women
Why choose this eco -stay?
Eco-stays are budget friendly and won’t make a hole in your pocket. They are covered by greenery so that you can breath in fresh air, which city life cannot provide you. It gives you peace of mind & rejuvenates your body. And, most importantly it makes your holiday more fun filled through its numerous activities. Each eco-stay has been personally visited and verified by a solo woman traveller of our team.

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